Building Stages

Build Stage 1 – Base

Although it might not look it, the base stage is the most important stage of your build. After all, it is this stage that forms the foundation for everything else to be built upon. Once building has begun, it is very difficult to alter the base! Base stage includes the following :-

Build Stage 2 – The Frame

After the slab has been laid, the most notable sign that your build is progressing is the frame. A frame for an average, single story home takes approximately one day to be completed. For a two story home, the build time is more like two- to five days depending on the complexity of the build. The following are normally included as part of the Frame Stage :-

Build Stage 3 – Lock Up

Lock up is the stage that most owners start to get excited. They get excited because they can see what looks like a close to complete home, however the build is only half complete! At this stage, you can expect the following to have been completed:

Build Stage 4 – Fixing

The is where it all starts to come together and look like the designs and rendered images you saw on the plans. All the fears and stress from walking over the initial slab and through the frame wondering is the sizes were correct will be alleviated during the fixing stage. Here’s what you can expect:

Build Stage 5 – Completion

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so it’s important to keep perspective on just how much work really goes into building a home. It might feel like forever, but your patience will pay dividends while you wait for the remaining tradespeople to complete the following work.

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